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Principal's Message

Dear Educational Partners, 

Welcome to the 2023-24 school year. As principal of Somerset, I am extremely excited about the new school year and I whole-heartedly support the educational philosophy and new model of school leadership that is currently being implemented throughout our district.  It entails Leading from the Middle and it involves establishing school leadership and teacher teams that are sustained by the vision, goals and support of district administration with the end goal of improving student learning.  My aim as principal is to use multiple sources of data to focus school improvement efforts on student learning priorities; cultivate a culture that actively seeks evidence of learning to guide the improvement of school practices; provide time, resources, and support for teachers to build capacity by using evidence to guide school site practices; and review site progress with teachers to determine how best to improve support systems for teaching and learning. 

Our new model of leadership is complimented by our Theory of Action that involves our teachers and staff establishing and maintaining meaningful and authentic relationships with all students; embracing the process of continuous improvement by taking advantage of professional development opportunities; doing the work of professional learning communities; and incorporating our School-wide Learner Outcomes daily in instruction coupled with the utilization of Positive Behavioral Supports and Interventions, Social Emotional Learning with fidelity leading to a safe culture.  Our commitment to our Theory of Action will lead to students graduating on time with the ability and skills to think critically, communicate effectively and lead productive lives.

Respectfully yours, 

Mr. Cliff Higgins, Principal

Mr. Higgins